20 November 2020
Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) and we want to take a moment to remember and celebrate the lives of trans people killed due to transphobic violence worldwide. We recognize that many deaths often go unreported and that anti-transgender violence disproportionately affects Black, Indigenous, and racialized trans women. Transgender people should be loved and cared for not only when they have died, but especially while they are still alive. We encourage you to uplift and donate to the following organizations:


Allies for Trans HK
Filguys Association HK
The Gamut Project
HK Pride
Quarks HK
Transgender Resource Center


Coalition Against Trans Antagonism
Homeless Black Trans Women Fund
The Okra Project
Toronto Trans Toolkits Collective
Urban Native Youth Association’s 2-Spirit Collective

Is there an organization or project supporting trans and gender-diverse people that you know of? Email us about it and we’ll add it to our list!

12 November 2020
Zines, Memes and Books in the Digital Age 數碼年代下的讀物

Join the Hong Kong International Literary Festival for a discussion on how the literary ecosystem is evolving in the age of digital content, from independent publishers and bookstores to self-published books and zines. The event will feature Kaitlin Chan of Queer Reads Library, and Tiffany Huang of Spill Stories. Jo Lusby, co-founder of Pixie B Ltd and former North Asia head of Penguin Random House, will be moderating. Panellists will discuss how books, zines and ideas circulate within digital networks, in-person bookstores and fairs, and the potential for cultivating community within new online spaces and platforms.

19 June 2020
Pride 2020: QRL Recommends

As Pride Month continues, we nod to the labour and courage of Black and brown trans women who resisted police brutality to give us the “pride” we know today. Pride was a riot. No police in pride. We condemn all anti-Black violence across the world that has oppressed Black people, especially queer and trans Black folks, for far too long. We recommend: the comics of Bianca Xunise, zines and prints by Diasporan Savant Press, Black Queer and Intersectional Collective zines, Black Trans Futures Zine by Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative, The Free Black Women’s Library, Shotgun Seamstress zines by Osa Atoe, and to donate to GLITS inc and Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocacy Fund.

Artwork by Bianca Xunise